West Central

Episode 21: West Central Neighborhood

We talk to two residents, Ben and Tyler, from the West Central Neighborhood Association about the characteristics of their neighborhood and what they think makes their neighborhood healthy. Ben has lived in the neighborhood for about a decade and been president for the past two years. Tyler is buying and renovating his first home in West Central, but began his connection to the neighborhood as a renter eager to get more involved. Ben and Tyler talk about the history, growth, diversity, and some of the challenges within of one of the most prominent and attention getting neighborhoods in Fort Wayne.

If you've wanted to know more about what happens behind the scenes WC, this is a great start to the discussion.

NeighborLink is conducting a comprehensive research project that is attempting to answer the question, "What makes healthy neighborhoods, healthy?" We'll be introducing you to the five specific Fort Wayne neighborhoods we are working with over the next five weeks.

Link to  Ben & Tyler’s Video and Andrew's written reflections from the interview.


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