Episode 34: Addison Agen

“The Voice” finalist, Addison Agen, joined Andrew for a conversation about what it was like growing up in her neighborhood, inspiration, how she makes touring more like home, and what's it is like to be a "neighbor" in a band setting. Addison also reflects on her time during "The Voice" competition, how everyone on the show attempt to care for one another during the process, and what it's like trying to be a digital neighbor to so many "fans." All a good reminder that a neighborhood can be formed anywhere.

Addison will be performing a show in Fort Wayne with the Legendary Trainhoppers on Thursday, Sept 26th, at the historic USF Performing Arts Center. This show is going to be fantastic and 100% of proceeds will go to supporting our mission at NeighborLink Fort Wayne.

Link to Andrew's written reflections from the interview.





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