Episode 22: Hoagland Masterson Neighborhood

We talk to two residents, Arline and Jim, from the Hoagland Masterson Neighborhood Association about the characteristics of their neighborhood, the challenges faced by being more marginalized than most neighborhoods, and what they think makes their neighborhood healthy despite those challenges. Arline always wanted to own and restore a grand Victorian home and after locating one in this neighborhood, was encouraged by the realtor and her insurance agent to reconsider due to the reputation of the neighborhood. Jim and his wife happened to end up on HM due to their daughter purchasing a home just prior to taking a military assignment. They ended up moving into the home after some time and have been residents for almost 10 years. HM has some of the most challenging issues of any neighborhoods we've researched as Arline and Jim share. It feels like the rules are the same and they've been passed by for a lot of years, until recently due to the advocating of some neighbors and the speculation of downtown development. It's a fascinating conversation on a neighborhood fighting to be seen, heard, and cared about.

NeighborLink is conducting a comprehensive research project that is attempting to answer the question, "What makes healthy neighborhoods, healthy?" We'll be introducing you to the five specific Fort Wayne neighborhoods we are working with over the next five weeks.

Link to  Arline & Jim’s Video and Andrew's written reflections from the interview.


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