Episode 20: Williams Woodland Park Neighborhood

We talk to two residents, Lyndsay and Charlie, from the Williams Woodland Park Neighborhood about the characteristics of their neighborhood and what they think makes their neighborhood healthy. Lyndsay has lived in the neighborhood for almost 10 years and has served as the neighborhood president for the past few years while serving in a variety of other leadership positions. Lyndsay brings her administrative gifting and drivenness to make sure that all the initiatives neighbors want to see happen. Charlie and his wife started as renters in the neighborhood before buying a home two years ago. They have been involved since day one in all social events and association business. Charlie took over the leadership of WWPN in February.

WWPN is one of the most socially and relationally connected we've been in. We see the impact of that social connectivity in their success with their neighborhood home tour, the amount of social events they have, and the intergenerational support that neighbors have with one another.

Link to  Lyndsay and Charlie’s Video and Andrew's written reflections from the interview.


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