Episode 16: Tim Hallman

Tim has been on an intentional journey of learning what it means to be a good neighbor for over 15 years. Tim pastored a small church in the heart of a socio-economically diverse downtown collar neighborhood for 20 years before becoming the Christian Emphasis Director at the YMCA of Greater Fort Wayne a few years ago. In the past 10 years, we’ve had more conversations on the role of the “Church” or Christians in neighborhood and community development with Tim than just about anyone else. Tim is the connector, pastor, and friend that can lead you to hopeful, strategic, and affirming kinds of conversations that always end up with you seeing something new in what you're working on that will leave you encouraged and optimistic that you're making progress. Tim wants to be a better neighbor and wants to do that with you for the sake of learning together being better for us all.

Link to Tim’s Video and Andrew's written reflections from the interview.


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