Episode 15: Katie Jo

Katie is Fort Wayne famous for many reasons. Katie is known around town as the person “Slinging Sunshine” and spreading joy. Katie is someone you find at a lot of local events scooping people up who are strangers and transforming them into close friends. She cares for the people she interacts with in a really extraordinary way. Everyone that knows her feels the genuine love and care she has for them. She has a way of turning brief interactions she has with people into long-lasting feelings of gratitude and kindness. Katie looks after everyone around her. Are they well? Do they have what they need? Can she do anything for them? Do they realize how unique they are? Off the clock she makes a point to be a cheerleader, encouraging people to keep believing in themselves. Katie pours herself out to people and gives it all she’s got. She is transforming our community with each and every interaction she has with people.

Link to Katie’s Video and Andrew's written reflections from the interview.


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