neighborlink staff


what do we know about being a good neighbor?

We’re still working out the answer to this question like everyone else interested in the topic. Every time we think we’re getting a handle on the answer, we’re challenged harder than ever with a new circumstance at work and in our personal lives. That’s how any journey goes, right? You start with what you know, you move forward, hit obstacles, do your best to get past them as you fumble, learn from the struggle and successes, and then progress towards the next challenge.

Season 1 of Neighboring was an experience that marked me in 2018 as I was able to interview some dear friends and meet some incredible new friends. Each episode challenged my thinking on what it means to be a good neighbor in a wide variety of contexts. Season 1 was also a test in format and concept as we set out in 2018 to figure out ways to “influence culture” around us. I’m still figuring out what that means, but the personal feedback that I received along the way about how insightful the conversations were helped me know we’re heading in the right direction as a team. So, I spent the rest of 2018 figuring out how we were going to be able to pull off Season 2 and evaluating what needed to change or improve on.

Those conversations have led us to Season 2, which kicks off with a conversation with a few of my co-workers about what it means to be a good neighbor from their perspective. NeighborLink has had 6 incredible new staff members join us in the past 12 months, which is diversifying our experiences and bringing a lot of new energy to our organization. We have incredible conversations in our office about our work and I often think to myself that we should be recording this because this mirrors many of the conversations we’re having with our communities of volunteers. So, we’re going to be having more round table discussions with staff and experienced volunteers about the challenges we’re facing and attempting to address. We’re not experts in anything, but we certainly have worked through a lot of situations with neighbors and think we can help facilitate a discussion.

In addition to some round table conversations, we’re back with similar interviews as Season 1, but hoping to have longer, more casual discussions with our guests in order to get a bit deeper into the conversation. I felt like many of the episodes last year ended just as we were getting into it. I want to give a bit more space to the story in Season 2 as we get below the surface. As you can see in the pictures, we’re recording these in our office now that we have a slightly bigger office and a full media production team helping produce them, which is a HUGE step forward for NeighborLink. Thanks Ambassador Enterprises for investing in NeighborLink!

We’ve got some exciting things happening in 2019 and Neighboring is one of those. We’ll learn what it means to be a good neighbor, what makes a healthy neighborhood healthy, and what makes our staff get better at loving neighbors. Please subscribe, tell your friends, and share your feedback along the way.