Cindy joyner

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Cindy has been one of NeighborLink’s biggest fans and advocates for years at the City of Fort Wayne. Cindy spent over 15 years with Neighborhood Code Compliance as a customer relations manager and then as director for 10 years before becoming the Director of Community Development in 2018. NeighborLink works closely with Neighborhood Code because many of our projects are homeowners who are trying to respond to code violations at their home. And, despite what most people think about Neighborhood Code, they really do care and desire to find solutions for the vulnerable homeowners who cannot physically or financially meet the needs on their own. Neighborhood Code officers have a difficult and often, thankless job. It's difficult trying to enforce appropriate housing standards throughout our community, but it’s vital to making sure homeowners are doing what they should to keep their homes in a condition that is equitable for the entire neighborhood.

Cindy is passionate about her neighborhood, community, her work, and the residents in Fort Wayne. Her and her husband have been active neighbors in the southside of town for decades and have both served in pubic service to our community. We spend time talking in this podcast about her journey to Director of Community Development, what all is part of the Community Development department in a city office, and some of the great and challenging things going on in Fort Wayne. Her passion and energy comes through and I think you’ll enjoy getting to learn from her as we talk about being a good neighbor in Fort Wayne.

Cindy has been an unofficial mentor to me the past handful of years as I watch from afar and see how she works at the City and with community members. Her joy and love for our community despite the challenges is contagious.