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Our society hangs onto the idyllic vision of what community used to mean, what neighborhoods used to look like, and how people used to live more connected to one another. While those visions may or may not have existed, we believe that those visions fill our minds of how things could be. Maybe what our community needs more than anything is for each of us to recognize our value, the value of others, and the potential each of us have to impact those around us with small, intentional gestures. That the community we want for ourselves, our families, our neighborhoods, and our workplaces are actually up to us to create.


"Neighboring" is designed to explore what it means to be a neighbor in today’s society, in Fort Wayne, through the conversations with people we see being “good neighbors” in a wide variety of places. We’ll interview the “neighbors” we see just below the surface that are living life with intention, are thoughtful of those around them, and are doing small things that change their neighborhoods whether that is a workplace, a culture, where they live, or their circle of influence. We’ll explore what being a neighbor means to them, what’s shaped their worldview, and what their thoughts are on what it takes to be a good neighbor.




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Lyndy Bazile - Logo, graphics, & motion graphics.

Andrew Hoffman - Host & content developer

Lyndsy Rae Porter - Set design & co-host

Brendan Keen - Videography, audio, & post-production

Steve Erick - Graphics & production

Jenn Jordan - Production



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